Vi finns i flera städer, välj en stad att utforska!

About my big fat Scandinavian meltdown: an expat in Stockholm 

OK, so this blog is basically your standard online confessional but from the point of view of moving to another country (Sweden) after what was essentially nervous breakdown. In short, it’s a self-indulgent ego-festival with the odd reference to living in Stockholm, and way too many fanny jokes for the faint-hearted.

Like any good confessional I want to be as candid and open as possible. I probably won’t talk about work that much though, (cos, you know, I might get fired), but it will involve a fair amount of oversharing, like what happens to my body after eating sauerkraut.

About me

Well, my name is Becky, I’m a 30-something copywriter from the UK, with a variety of mental health issues and a love for – nay! – a compulsion for anything that allows me to feel validated. I’ve written some other stuff in my short, sweet (n sour) time here on this earth; performing the odd bit of stand-up comedy, and drunkenly stealing microphones off wedding singers for years.

Commenting on this blog

Full disclosure: sometimes what I write might be shit. But just so you know, even though I’ve provided a comments section, no-one actually likes ‘constructive’ feedback. So, if you must say something, just tell me I’m pretty and throw me a biscuit.*

Footnote (ooh, I love a good footnote)

*Just joking. Please feel free to comment at your leisure. Blogging’s all about community, and honesty’s the best policy and all that. (Plus, if it’s rude or aggressive I’ll just delete the fuck out of it anyway.) Also, I don’t like biscuits much. If you want to send something (and why wouldn’t you?), please make it alcohol, or a sculpture of my head made entirely out of chewing gum. (Like in Hey Arnold. Remember Hey Arnold?)

Visit me at home

While I love piggy-backin' the Thatsup Stockholm website, I've got a wee little site of my own you can hang out at. Check it out at:

You can message me directly there too. If you wanna, you know, collaborate or sammink. Oh yeah, and one last bit of shameless self promotion: follow me on fb, Insta or twitter @mybigfatscandi1