TEDxStockholm 2023 – Catalysts

Den här artikeln är ett tips från en läsare.

After three long years, TEDxStockholm is back with a day of TEDx talks featuring an incredible lineup of speakers sharing inspiring and engaging ideas. All this in the backdrop of one of Stockholm's most stunning and historical venues: the halls of Musikaliska, which hosted the first Nobel Prize ceremony all the way back in 1901!

On April 15th, TEDxStockholm will add a page to that history with eight diverse TEDxStockholm speakers, who will share their stories and ideas about how to ignite the spark that leads to transformation and growth in our personal and professional lives. The speakers are being revealed one at a time in the leadup to the event on TEDxStockholm's LinkedIn page. The lineup includes a paleontologist, an elite sports manager, a crime victims' advocate and many more – and their topics are just as diverse and interesting as they are!

TEDxStockholm welcomes everybody to join the event for an enlightening and thought-provoking day as we discover new ways to become catalysts for positive change!