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Quick Breakfast Tacos!

If there is anything I love about the US, it's definitely the food.

It's time to celebrate National Taco Day in the US today! While the taco is usually more associated with Mexico, the breakfast taco is actually a Texan creation. It's one Texans are pretty darn proud of too (rightly so, they're legit!). Why aren't there any restaurants in Stockholm with breakfast tacos? (Or, are there? Hit me up if you have an inside scoop.) Until then, I'm getting pretty darn good at making my own.

My sister is still in town today, so I surprised her with a quickly made impromptu breakfast taco trio. I totally just threw them together with ingredients already on hand. No real recipe needed!

Today's quick tacos were made with:

Normally, if it was a weekend (and I had a little more time on my hands) I would have probably made some turkey bacon or sausage for in them as well.

There are millions of variations on the breakfast taco. Just put in what you like and find a good combination that works best for you! 💖🌮💖

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Ida B.

OMG, I love it! I´m definitely making one this weekend 😃😍

Heather M.
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Linn W.


Heather M.
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Try them! You won’t regret it. 💖